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Monster Phonics Card Game
Alphabet Sheet for Practice Writing Letters
b-d Reversal Sheet
Number & Letter Reversals
Times Table Array
Using Hands for Nine Times Facts
Multiplication Double Fact Drill Sheets, 3
Double Fact Matching Game
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Monster Phonics Card Games
monster phonics card games

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These free printables are excellent games to reinforce phoneme awareness.
We recommend printing on heavy stock paper. Cut along the guide lines, so that you have
three piles (the middle pile is thinner than the others). We recommend a rotary cutter.

To see a video on how to play: click here
(note that the video shows the original version)

Monster Phonics - CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Beginning Blends: click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Ending Blends: click for PDF
Monster Phonics - VC'e' (vowel-consonant-e, such as "fine"): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - VV (vowel teams for long vowel sounds): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Original Version (use after long vowel lesson): click for PDF

Paper that we recommend: sku: W2WH24
Domtar Bristol Cover White 8-1/2x11 80lb 250/pkg

Alphabet Sheets for Practice Writing Letters

If your student needs help writing the letters of the alphabet, use the sheet below for practice.

Click to download


b-d Reversal Sheet

Lowercase 'b' and 'd' are the most difficult to master, since they  have the same shape. To help remember the direction of the letters, we try to provide a framework by using the uppercase letters, 'B' and 'D', which are rarely reversed. The exercise below is often helpful in teaching the direction of the letters. This is an exercise that will need to be repeated daily for reinforcement. Simply have your student follow the instructions. In time, these reversals will diminish.

Click to download
(please see our on-line letter & number reversal games > click here)

*If your student reverses a 'd', by writing a 'b', it may help to draw the upper curve to turn the 'b' into uppercase 'B'. You can also do this if he or she writes a lowercase 'b' instead of a 'd'. Turn the 'd' into a backwards uppercase 'B'. Your student will know that the letter is backwards and will realize the mistake. If you do this often enough, your student will start to do this him or herself.


Number and Letter Reversals:

Download the PDF to use on a computer or tablet (easy to scroll through the pages).

*We recommend that you use the free adobe reader.

1.  Vertical 6 Reversals:

This will involve several activities to help your student distinguish the number six from a handwritten 2, the vertical six number reversal. Note: please see our on-line letter & number reversal games > click here.

number 6 vertical reversal

Click to download (version 1)

Click to download (version 2)

2. Vertical 5 and 3 Reversals (with some 6 and 2 reversal practice):

Click to download


3.  b - d - p - q Reversal Drill


   Click to download


Free Printables - Times Table Array

Start by having your student fill in the rows and columns for 1, 2, 5, 10 & 11
Then have your student fill in the rest.
The shaded diagonal is for the double facts which should be mastered.

times table array

PDFClick to download


Using Hands for the Nine Times Facts

Click Here

Double Facts Drill Sheets

Click to download

Double Fact Matching Game

This is the typical matching game that can be used face down or face up.
If printing in Adobe, select "Actual Size" before printing. This is two sided, so print as such.
We recommend that you print on stock paper and use a rotatory cutter.

PDFClick to download

For more multiplication help, click here.

Use our flash card app (free) in any browser.
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customizable flash cards

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